16 district officials resigned in three days

The Minister for Local Government, Anastase Shyaka, has weighed in on the latest mass exits of district leaders attributing it to fail to deliver on their responsibilities.

At least 16 district officials, including mayors and their deputies from eight districts, either stepped down or resigned in three days alone and it is expected that more could be headed for the exit door.




Update: Some local leaders are being dismissed by Districts' Councils or requesting them to accept their resignation as per the law. Accountability deficits, failure to respond to citizens' needs and inefficiency in delivery are the underlying causes. 1/3

He added: “2019 is the last year of delivering on Vision2020 and towards midway to the first phase of National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) delivery in 2024. Every day counts! All districts are eager to have the most effective and conducive leadership to spur rapid local transformation and wellbeing of citizens,” the minister added.

He said there was nothing unusual in the mass mayoral exits.

“There is nothing to worry about! This is a usual process in a country like Rwanda, firmly grounded in the principles of good governance, anchored on decentralization and citizen centeredness; democracy and accountability,” he said.

This is not the first time the country has seen mass resignations of mayors or vice mayors but unlike in the past when officials would cite “personal reasons,” this time around District Councils are offering some details surrounding the exits, most of them related to underperformance, accountability, or gross misconduct.