Amb. Gatete presents credentials to represent Rwanda in Venezuela

Rwanda’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Claver Gatete has presented credentials to the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro to represent Rwanda in the country.
The ceremony took place at Miraflores, the country’s Presidential Palace.

Apart from presenting credentials, Amb. Gatete also held talks with Carlos Rafael Faría Tortosa, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Their discussions revolved around strengthening bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

Venezuela enjoys cordial relations with Rwanda. Its interests in Rwanda are overseen by Amb. Jesús Agustín Manzanilla Puppo with residence in Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya.
Amb. Puppo presented letters of credence to President Paul Kagame in June last year.

After presenting credentials, he expressed delight to be in the Country of Thousand Hills and commended Rwanda’s economic progress and efforts to promote access to healthcare.
Amb. Puppo revealed that presenting credentials to Kagame was the beginning of a fruitful journey to strengthen bilateral ties that existed for 40 years.
Venezuela is populated by 28 million. It has the largest oil reserves in the world.

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