Businessman Committed Murder and is Free. Now Targets Wife of Victim for Speaking out


A mother of four is hospitalized at Gitwe Hospital in Southern Rwanda after hired goons nearly killed her. Her husband was beaten to death back in February and a government investigator shelved the file.


Widow Uwimbabazi Irene(R) arriving at Gitwe Hospital by carried by Ambulance


The plight of Widow Uwimbabazi Irene was first highlighted in our news report on July 1. (READBusinessman ‘Tortures’ Father of Four Who Later Died, RIB Investigator Buries Dossier)

This past Monday July 27, Uwimbabazi was attacked near her village in Buhoro cell, Ruhango sector, Ruhango district. The attackers, whom Uwimbabazi identified, attempted to drown her in a nearby river.

The whole village is living in fear of a local businessman Simoni Majyambere, and it is believed he is the one who hired Uwimbabazi’s attackers.

In our report, we detailed how Mujyambere together with other people, tortured Nzayisenga John in February after he was found in the businessman’s forest cutting wood. Nzayisanga died more than a month later from the torture.

A Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) District Chief Investigator (DCI) Gaspard Musangirumutima handled the case, but mysteriously dropped it.

Following Radio HUGUKA exposé; the businessman Majyambere and an accomplice were arrested and charged by a court in Ruhango. The DCI Musangirumutima was recalled from Ruhango, but is not facing prosecution.

We have since established that the businessman Majyambere and accomplice Nyandwi Innocent were granted bail by court on July 20. He is now a free man, and has since been tormenting the family of the deceased Nzayisenga.

In addition to the attempted murder of the Nzayisenga’s widow, the family has been receiving tracts dumped outside their home. One tract warns her to withdrawal the case, and advises her to devote her time to family other than people beyond her status. The tract is signed at bottom with: You should know better

Here is one of the tracts dropped at home of Uwimbabazi Irene in a frightening language

We visited Uwimbabazi admitted at Byimama Health Center which transferred her immediately at Gitwe  District Hospital . Neighbors back in the village are also freightened to speak for fear they could be targeted. The local population is asking for a fresh investigation into this case and settles it once for all.

In the original probe we conducted, we reported that the investigator DCI Musangirumutima had directed the family to bury body of deceased Nzayisanga before a postmortem could be done.

RIB spokesman Bahorera Dominique said in interview this week that the investigator had been recalled back to Headquarters and was facing disciplinary action for not following due process of handling cases.

From our investigation, the DCI is said to have retorted at the widow Uwimbabazi; ‘Mada iwawe narahageze n’abana ufite narababonye, ubundi wemera ko abagabo barutanwa? Jyenda ucire abana bawe inshuro ubundi urekere aho’….”


What the RIB officer told this woman can be loosely translated as ‘Madam, I remember coming to your home and know your children. Are you aware some men are more equal than others? Go take care of your children and leave the rest