Chamber boss Richard Ngatia lauds Ruto’s business approach

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) president Richard Ngatia has praised President William Ruto for his move to support businesses in the country.
Ngatia spoke during a meeting with the Head of State Ruto in Nairobi on Saturday.

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The President and the KNCCI boss spoke at length on matters revolving around the government’s pledge to create a conducive environment for businesses as aligned with the government’s resolve to have an economy that will revolve around the empowerment of the business environment and small and medium sized enterprises (SMSEs).

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The discussions held between President Ruto and Ngatia were centered around engaging SMSEs along the government’s development plan using the bottom-up approach.

The President and KNCCI resolved to work in tandem to ensure that the business community have access to financial capital, a fair market and a friendly business environment to realize development and put money in people’s pockets.

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According to Ngatia, the talks with the President was a first in breaking the glass ceiling for Kenya’s businesses and open up the economy which will look at every business as an equal partner in nation building.

“The President is very committed to the business community and has promised to work with the chamber to ensure that we empower our business community to make sure they they make a profit, pay their taxes and contribute to the growth of Kenya’s economy. We are very happy that we have a President who is passionate about business and has a special focus on empowering the agribusiness economy which is a key driver to the country’s growth domestic product (GDP) but has been overlooked for years on end,” Ngatia said after the meeting at State House.

President Ruto has said that, to revamp Kenya’s economy, the government will roll out, by December, the hustler fund which will be available to Sacco’s and co-operative societies in the country to ensure that people have access to affordable credit and can transact their business with ease.

In today’s meeting, President Ruto and Ngatia agreed to work together under KNCCI to see that Kenyan businesses have market access to the great lakes region and the continental trade area. Ngatia is also head of the 12 country great lakes region trade block and has trade links with foreign countries in the Gulf region like the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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