The court remanded Nsabimana "Sankara" Calixte for 30 days

Gasabo primary court in Kigali has ruled  Tuesday 28th for a thirty day provisional detention for Nsabimana Callixte "Sankara" who is accused of 16 crimes.

Nsabimana is accused of 16 criminal counts which include forming an armed terror group, conspiracy to overthrow the present government, terrorism, arson, murder and abduction of civilians in the southern province of Rwanda last year and genocide denial among others.

The court reminded all the accusations; how Nsabimana founded Rwandese revolution movement (RRM) with other five counterparts to destabilize Rwanda and latter on, becoming the spokesperson of FLN.

His group later joined other armed groups with the same intention. The court thus reminded that Nsabimana is accused to be behind terror attacks that killed six in Kitabi and Nyabimata respectively in Nyaruguru district.

The judge thus said, that the accusations are sensitive and the suspect should be remanded.

During the bail hearing, Nsabimana had asked to be given bail, defending that he was “cooperating with investigators since he was arrested in April.”

However, the court said that this does not add up because “he did not consent to leave the forest and repatriate, rather, he was arrested and deported to Rwanda.”

This, the judge said, is enough to understand that, if released, he can escape.

Prosecutors, despite saying they already have in custody evidence incriminating the suspect including thee mobile phones belonging to the suspect and a fraudulently acquired passport from Lesotho, among others they maintained, there were more investigations that were yet to be concluded, and therefore called for him to be remanded.