Covid-19: Rwanda opens bars, allows public gatherings for vaccinated people

Rwanda has eased Covid-19 restrictions allowing bars to reopen for the first time since March last year after a significant drop in new infections.

The country has also accelerated Covid-19 inoculations.

The new guidelines were issued on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting presided over by President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda will also now allow public gatherings, concerts, festivals and exhibitions to continue but only vaccinated and tested people will be allowed to attend.

The curfew has also been adjusted from 10pm-4am to 11pm-4am, allowing businesses to remain open until 10pm in Kigali.

The new measures will come into effect on September 23 until October 13.

Rwanda has seen a drop in Covid-19 infections since late August. The infection rate has not exceeded 5 percent for the last three weeks.