Details from the daring daylight robbery at Equity, Nairobi West

There is a standoff between armed police and daring daylight robbers at Equity Bank, Nairobi West.

Witnesses on the scene report that the bank has now been cordoned off and the road leading to the bank closed.
Police are also on the scene to contain the daring daylight heist.

According to sources within the bank, “Someone tried to gain forceful access to the branch but the APs intervened.”
Reporting from the scene, this writer has established that one robbery suspect has been shot down.

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There is a heavy shoot out as police engage the robbers in the daring heist. There is a stand off between the police and robbers.

One man was stabbed as they entered into the building. The injured man, yet to be identified has been rushed to Nairobi West Hospital.
The stand off is still on.

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