Engie Energy Access unveils new solar home systems

Engie Energy Access Rwanda, the leading provider of solar home systems in Rwanda has unveiled new high voltage solar products expected to relieve electricity users in case of power outages.

The new products include high voltage solar panels that can be used to power factories, water heaters, security lighting, megaphones and battery powered torches among others.

Speaking at the unveiling event held on Friday 28th October 2022; the Country Director of Engie Energy Access Rwanda, Sylvie Kanimba said that the aim was to bring high voltage products that can boost access to electricity among Rwandans at an affordable price.

She explained that the launch of new products aligns with the company’s ambitions to support Rwanda’s electrification target by providing clean and reliable solar home systems at a low cost.

Blaise Butoyi, the Head of Sales at Engie Energy Access Rwanda said that the company’s products are mainly distributed to rural or remote areas but considered how to go an extra mile by extending its services to people in urban areas.

He explained that the products are expected to reduce electricity related losses and make urban life easier as they will have alternative high voltage products whether they experience power blackouts or not.

Engie Energy Access Rwanda rebranded from Mobisol in the past few years after acquisition.
Mobisol had been launched in 2014.
After acquiring Mobisol, Engie Energy Access products were branded as “MySol” products.

Butoyi reminded people with inadequate means to buy MySol products to seek assistance from its shops or contact the company on the toll free line ‘2345’ so that they can pay in installments.
Engie Energy Access has so far lit 300,000 Rwandans from 600 families. It has also distributed nearly 400 schools with solar energy.

Figures from the Ministry of Infrastructure indicate that 73% Rwandans have access to electricity. Of these, 50% are connected to the main-grid while 23% use off-grid energy.

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