Keep up the momentum: Teachers hailed for contribution to national development

Prime Minister, Dr. Edouard Ngirente has relayed the message from President Paul Kagame to teachers highlighting that the country recognizes their contribution to national development.

Premier Ngirente delivered the message at the celebration of World Teachers’ Day marked on Wednesday 2nd November 2022.
In Rwanda, the event was held at BK Arena at national level where Dr. Ngirente addressed over 7000 teachers and delivered the message from President of the Republic.

Premier Ngirente told educators that President Kagame sent him to deliver his message.

“His Excellency, President of the Republic of Rwanda wished to be with you today but could not make it over hectic schedules and other reasons. So, he asked me to represent him at this ceremony,” he said.

“His message is covered in one word. It implies that the Government of Rwanda strongly attaches great relevance to your profession. That is why we continue to call you educators and parents in Rwanda. Keep up the momentum,” added Dr. Ngirente.

The Premier revealed that he is personally proud of the profession which has been the cornerstone for many high profile personalities.
“May the teacher be respected,” he said.

Dr. Ngirente requested teachers to continue to be a good example in their profession and Rwandan society as well.
“I once again request teachers and educators altogether to be defined by good conduct to inspire the children you teach and other segments of the population. People learn from teachers’ good manners but the opposite of this tarnishes their reputation,” he said.

“Good conduct has to go hand in hand with hygiene which should characterize all Rwandans from teachers to students. The country, parents and Rwandan society expect you to play a role in instilling such good manners among them,” added Dr. Ngirente.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya reminded teachers that they do a great job that requires dedication.
“We salute teacher’s dedication to their work. Apparently, teaching is a calling and we have been witnessing the fruits of your work. A lot still needs to be done to promote quality education, work relentlessly, and assess students’ knowledge, take heed of hygiene and work with parents whom we educate their children among others,” she advised.

Rwanda registers over 5603 teachers in nursery schools; 63,788 in primary schools; 29,858 in public and semi-public secondary schools and 7,813 in technical schools while 20,000 are from private schools.

During the ceremony, five outstanding teachers were awarded for promoting quality education while five others were awarded for efficiently utilizing loans from Umwarimu Sacco.

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