Maj. Gen Nkubito Takes Over Reins In Mozambique As Joint Force Commander

Major General Eugene Nkubito, who was promoted to the rank last week, is set to take over as the Joint Task Force of Rwandan security in Mozambique, replacing Maj. Gen Innocent Kabandana, who is completing his tour of duty.

Maj. Gen Nkubito, the incoming Rwandan Security Forces Joint Task Force Commander in Mozambique together with Maj Gen Kabandana were Tuesday received by the Mozambique Minister of defence, Maj Gen Christovao Chume at his headquarters in Maputo, Mozambique’s Capital City.

According to Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), their discussions focused on the ongoing counter terrorism operations in Cabo Delgado Province.

Maj Gen Christovao Chume commended the achievements of the Rwandan Security Forces in collaboration with Mozambique Forces in fighting terrorism in Cabo Delgado.

The Rwandan Security Forces Joint Task Force Commanders also met with the Chief of General Staff of the Mozambican Armed Forces, Admiral Joaquim Mangrasse, the Police Commander of Republic of Mozambique, Inspector General of Police Bernardino Raphaël and the Director of State Security Service, Bernardo Lidimba.

President Paul Kagame, who is also the RDF Commander-in-Chief, on August 16, promoted Nkubito from the rank of Brigadier General to Major General, ahead of his posting to Mozambique.

Before that he was serving in the capacity of division Commander of RDF for Eastern Province and City of Kigali. In Mozambique, Maj. Gen Nkubito will lead efforts by the joint force to fight insurgents who are linked to Islamist groups.