Minister Busingye calls for strong policing partnership to detect criminals

Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye called for international collaboration to counteract international crimes through security organs.

He delivered this message during Sub-Saharan African Executive Policing Meeting under the umbrella of IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police).

The meeting is held one day before Interpol summit that will take place in Kigali. 

Minister Busingye said that the meeting offers Rwanda opportunities to find solutions,since it may come up with the remedy of arresting displaced genocide perpetrators.

“You already know that we have sent 410 indictments in 30 countries across the World. It is undoubtedly that some criminals may be hiding or wandering openly in anticipated delegates’ countries.”

The robbery of precious stones in the recent boat that reached the destination containing bricks proves that security organs need to concentrated efforts.

Minister Busingye said that the country requested cross-border partnership to ensure that protection within the country is extended across the World.

The Inspector General of Police Emmanuel Gasana expressed gratitude to participants of the meeting and unveiled that more efforts are needed to resist challenges the World is facing.

“We need to concentrate on capacity building and increase partnership to counteract emerging security crisis.”He said.

IGP Gasana said that the partnership will evaluate readiness of police units in different countries to fight against terrorism and human trafficking.

The head of IACP, Terry Michael Cunningham, declared that insecurity organs need to collaborate with citizens because it has an added value to the prevention of crimes.

As Terry Michael shared, international summits provide great opportunities for leaders to counter terrorism, human trafficking, illegal arms selling and technology related crimes affecting the World.

During the summit, IGP Emmanuel Gasana handed over the power of IACP to Ugandan police head, Gen. Kale Kayihura who is going to lead IACP in Sub-Saharan region for two years.


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