Outcry as WASAC announces 10-day clean water supply cuts in key parts of Kigali

The Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) announcement of a 10-day-long clean water supply cut in key parts of Kigali has stirred an outcry from a number of people, calling out the institution for poor planning and oversight.

According to a communique issued on December 9, WASAC said “due to road construction works which unpredictably cut a transmission water pipe in Niboye sector, a number of places in Kigali will not be supplied with clean water between the 9th and 18th of this month.”

Affected areas include Nyarugunga and Kanombe sectors in Kicukiro District, Rukili 2 and Nyabisindu cells in Remera sector, as well as Bibare, Kibagabaga, Nyagatovu cells in Kimironko sector.

Other areas that will experience outages are Kibenga, Cyaruzinge, Rudashya cells and the Special Economic Zone in Ndera Sector.

“This is unbelievable on so many levels. Who is responsible for this? On the ground - bad planning, and bad oversight,” a disappointed client reacted and believes such should have been avoided with proper oversight to avoid damages to the water infrastructure.

More people took to social media complaining that other residential areas are being affected by the cuts, despite the fact that WASAC did not include them among those that would lack clean water during the period.

The institution said it will use water rationing by means of other networks if possible.

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