Primary national exams kick-off


Over 280,000 candidates on Monday morning started their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLEs) at different centres across the country.

Primary school leavers sit for five exams; Kinyarwanda, Social Studies, Mathematics, English and Science.

The official beginning of the exams, which took place at GS Kimisagara, Nyarugenge district, Kimisagara sector, was presided over by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), Dr Isaac Munyakazi.

“Everything necessary has been put in place as per a report we received yesterday,” he said, adding that students had a chance to sit for mock exams prepared by other teachers as a way to prepare them for the national exams.

He added that: “both students and teachers were also warned for any malpractices because we believe that quality education can’t be attained without values.”

Statistics by the ministry show that there was a 12% per cent increase from last year’s 255,578 candidates sitting for primary national exams.

This year’s PLE candidates include 131,748 boys and 154,339 girls.

Highlighting the increase of candidates, Munyakazi noted that classrooms also going to increase.

“We are happy that students sitting for these exams are increasing because it shows the benefits of the efforts we put in ensuring students complete their primary education.

“This, of course, will go hand in hand with increasing classrooms to ensure quality education. Currently, we are working with World Bank to construct 11,000 classrooms which will reduce overcrowding by 50 per cent,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ordinary Level (Senior Three) and Advanced Level (Senior Six) candidates are expected to start their exams next week on November 12, through 19.