Rutsiro: Leaders ate residents’ contribution for cell office rehabilitation

Residents of Rugasa cell in Ruhango sector in Rutsiro district in Western Province, have been complaining that for more than a year they have been ordered by the cell's administration to give money so-called  a contribution to the rehabilitation of  cell’s office, and so far which has not been rehabilitated.

Tthe cell's administration claims to have applied for the Rutsiro district’s authorization of office rehabilitation while the district administration denies to have received the request.

The Rugasa cell office in Ruhango sector in Rutsiro district is in a state of damage, with some parts of the roof collapsed and the tiles removed so that during the rainy season, it appears to fall down.

A copy of the letter signed by the executive secretary of Rugasa cell with no date of signature , was addressed to one of the residents of Gicaca village entitled “Request for funding to repair the cell roof”, indicating the need for a grant of Rwf1,250,000 for the 'pledge' to renovate the Rugasa cell office.

The letter also states where the donation was to be deosited to by residents at the account number in the Sacco of Ruhango Sector or to the village head or the Rugasa cell administration.

According to some of the residents of Rugasa cell and others who did not live there but but have agriculture activities in that cell  that activity they call forcible, took place in the middle of last year 2019 where the management of the cell said it was going to rehabilitate the cell office.

It is said that each household in Rugasa cell had to contribute at least Rwf1,000, while those who have  agriculture activities  in Rugasa cell were obliged to give additional amount of  Rwf800; those who didn’t pay the money were banned to cultivate.

Some of the receipts copies we have issued by the Rugasa cell administration show that the residents have donated different amounts of money to this contribution.  Some of receipts are for Rwf10, 000, Rwf5, 000, 1,000 and 1,500Rwf while others gave money but were not given receipts.

The residents are wondering where the money had gone because it had been donated for more than a year but the Rugasa cell office had not yet beenrehabilitated.

“In 2019, when they came to ask us for money, they did not skip a single family,” said Mrs. Belansira. Gitifu of the cell said that the person who had not given that so called contribution was to be put on a rope that ties the animals which is usually used by those leaders to threaten the citizens tying them.

“There was my old friend who had been arrested because he didn’t afford that contribution; I was required to borrow it for him so that he may be released by our cell leaders.” said Belancila


“I live in Rundoyi cell, and I have agriculture activities in Rugasa cell," said Venansie. When in 2019 Rugasa cell leaders came to the swamp we were cultivating and insulted us saying that everyone who did not pay the money would not cultivate! We paid it and now the cell office hasn't been rehabilitated, we don't know where that money went.” says Uwimanimpaye Venantie

 Rusagara Cell executive secretary, Nsanzabeza Venuste told media that what residents said that is true but he didn’t specify the precise amount of money the collected. .

He said the reason the cell office had not been rehabilitated was that he had written to the Rutsiro district administration asking for rehabilitation authorization but had not yet received a response from the mayor.

“From that money contributed by residents, we bought the necessary equipment;   we are still waiting for mayor’s permission and when we have it the rehabilitation will be done.” Says Venuste

                      Cell ES tells lies about the Mayor

Ayinkamiye Emérence, the mayor of Rutsiro district, denied that baseless allegation from cell leader concerning her reply on rehabilitation authorization request.

"I have never received the letter from Rugasa cell asking for office rehabilitation; simply it came to my notice right now.  But I have been once called by a resident who told me that they had been contributing for office rehabilitation.” Says the mayor

As from now, I will follow up and find out where the money is. ” adds the mayor

The building, which serves as the Rugasa cell office in Ruhango sector in Rutsiro district, was built in Murambi village 16 years.

The issue of so called contributions to rehabilitate cell office has also raised by residents in Rweru sector, Bugeresera district where cell residents were threatened and spent the night sitting at cell office ground.