Rwanda Joins Digital Cooperation Organization Family

Rwanda Parliament has passed a bill to allow Rwanda join the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO).

DCO is Saudi initiative that brings together nations, businesses, civil society groups, and academic institutions to promote social prosperity through more inclusive participation and growth across the digital economy.

It was established in November 2020 in Riyadh by senior Government officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Pakistan.

The parliamentary approval confirms Rwanda’s approval to become the 8th member out of nine officially approved members.

In May, Djibouti also applied to join the group as the 10th member.

DCO strategic goals include: accelerating growth of digital economy across all members; strengthening welfare and social stability inclusively across the digital environment; advancing digital transformations and strengthening the collective influence of DCO members in the global digital economy.

DCO’s strategic goals align with the goals of other institutions that Rwanda has championed including the Smart Africa Secretariat, and ICT development opportunities:

“As a member of DCO, Rwanda will take advantage of some initiatives to develop its digital strategy and be able to position itself as the region’s technology hub, create MICE opportunities, including a regular annual Council meeting in member countries,” Minister of ICT Paula Ingabire said while presenting the bill to Parliament, July 25.

Others opportunities include investment promotion opportunities. As a member, Rwanda expect to attract funding for existing initiatives like the Kigali Innovation City (KIC) and to promote workforce mobility.