Rwanda, Zimbabwe private sectors seek to strengthen ties

HARARE - A business delegation from Rwanda that was in Zimbabwe on a week-long visit to explore investment and business opportunities is delighted by the prospects of doing business with Zimbabwe.

The chairperson of the Private Sector Federation Robert Bafakulera, and his delegation attended the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry’s annual congress and also travelled around the country exploring opportunities in various sectors.

Some companies from Rwanda exhibited their products which caught the attention of participants at the CZI congress.

Bafakulera said there was scope in doing business with Zimbabweans after visiting several projects.

“We have been moving around and outside Harare to visit some of the projects from mining, agriculture to manufacturing. Most of the things we have seen are very good and are educational and we have admired the projects,” Bafakulera said in an interview at the end of the delegation’s tour of duty.

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The Rwandan business delegation comprised 30 heads of companies which have interests in diversified sectors.

Added Bafakulera: “What we came here to do is mostly find opportunities to network with our colleagues in Zimbabwe to make sure we have something to do here as Rwandese and to call upon the Zimbabwe private sector to come to Rwanda to find what they can do or what we can partner in.”

He said the Rwandan delegation was able to fruitfully interact and network with Zimbabwean industrialists and key stakeholders during the CZI congress

“It was a good conference and networking was good. We will have several meetings internally and see what we can focus on,” he said.

The PSF Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Ruzibiza weighed in, saying: “The impression is good, different from what one hears or sees on social media. We have discovered that Zimbabwe in terms of agro based sector is good, even manufacturing. We have so many factories around here agro processing, mining and even manufacturing of construction materials so in terms of business it's high.”

Stephen Ruzibiza, PSF Chief Executive Officer.
Stephen Ruzibiza, PSF Chief Executive Officer.


Ruzibiza said the purpose of the visit was to bring the business operators from Rwanda to touch base with businesses in Zimbabwe.

He said the business opportunities in Zimbabwe are diverse, adding: “The most important is partnerships and cross country investments in all sectors. Lucky enough, the Rwandan government and the Zimbabwe government are doing much of the work in terms of easing the facilitation.

“A number of MoUs have been signed to create free movement of people, goods and other services. After this kind of arrangement then the flow of things will be much smoother.”

Some of the Rwanda PSF members were in Zimbabwe two months ago to partner Zimbabwean firms in agriculture.

Zimbabwe and Rwanda are enjoying cordial bilateral relations which have culminated in the signing of several agreements in many areas of cooperation.