Tanzania public workers in uproar over government low salary raise

Moshi. The salary increment effected this month has caused uproar among public servants who are claiming to be surprised by the “little” addition.
Some took the issue to the social media wondering if that was the increment promised by President Samia Suluhu Hassan or an annual increment.

In May this year, President Hassan approved raise of the minimum wage by 23.3 percent, while also increasing the salaries of government workers for the first time since 2016.
One government employee who earns about Sh2 million said he has noted an increase of just Sh18,000, which is lower than expectations.

“We did not expect this amount which does not change anything,” said the worker. Another worker whose monthly salary is Sh484,000 said the increment was Sh65,000.
“I believe there is something wrong with the calculations of the increment. I cannot imagine this is the amount promised by the President. It’s not our expectations considering that the salaries have not been adjusted for a long time.”

The complaints spread so fast that the government came out to calm the frustrated workers.
“Dear workers, please calm down, the government will provide explanation regarding the salary increment that was effected in the salaries of July, 2022,” government spokesperson Gerson Msigwa posted on Twitter reacting to the complaints.

When contacted for comments, Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (Tucta) president Tumaini Nyamhokya acknowledged to have noted the complaints, but did not give more details.
“We have not yet received any official communication from the government, so we cannot talk much about it,” he said.

However, in a video clip posted by Azam TV, Mr Nyamhokya said there was a problem somewhere.
“We are aware of the salary increment for public servants and we are following it up. It is really not well received and we will discuss the issue next week during our meeting in Dodoma,” said Mr Nyamhokya.

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